Flickr finds – lofts

Posted on Sun, 25 Apr 2010 by KiM

Monique says:

I rarely use the word ‘need,’ but I think I might need to know the name of that paint color on wall in the background of the maddenpr picture. It’s a great combo of grey, green, and blue. -NEED!

Catalina says:

Gorgeous photos! Really inspiring interiors. Thank you for sharing!

emijed says:

I love this style, open spaces, design loft spirit, thank you

Steve says:

Great i really like that styles of decorating house

I wondered who had been driving so much traffic to my Flickr account. Thanks for noticing my loft and featuring it!

Phil says:

Airy, inviting spaces , the green/blue grey color on the left wall photo 2 (on the right) is Hex # A0B4B2 , Red = 160, Gr.=180, Blue= 178 , your local paint store should be able to mix it up for you, if they know their business, enjoy .

pickfordian says:

Isn't it funny how loft people like to cultivate the notion that they are creative, and yet all these lofts seem to be "creative" in precisely the same ways. Where's the real innovation?

Honest says:

Cold cold cold……only difference in some is more clutter..more plastic. All very pretentious.

Kyle says:

Amazing lofts ­čÖé

lovedecoration says:

I really like the colorful interiors of beautiful decoration all in harmony

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