Retro Din to Fam

Posted on Tue, 27 Apr 2010 by midcenturyjo

From dining rooms to family rooms. That’s Volume 7 of The Practical Encycylcopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement. Along the way there are dishwashers, dividers, dressing rooms, eclectic style and exercise rooms. So much retro goodness. So many reminders that it is good to move on (or run away screaming). I love the pink dressing room. Curly cane… yum. The shag pile stairs however remind me how much I hate housework. Thank goodness that one has passed… for now. Images scanned from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Vol 7 DIN to FAM, Greystone Press, New York, 1970.

Tom says:

What houndstooth carpet? 😉

You’ve picked some really good interiors up until the bathroom with the dodgy tiles. 🙂 Most of them would just require a styling update and changing a few props and they would look fab and contemporary.

Laura says:

Not a fan of that shag carpeting but that pink screen? Sign me up!! I love the vintage look but it has to be tastefully done or else it just looks outdated.

peggy says:

Jo! Please don’t stop the retro! I love it. It’s a great shot into the past, you show pages from books I might never experience otherwise. Also, it’s great fun to see how the trends change, and how they return. Keep up the good work!

I love picture 9. It’s surprising how it doesn’t seem that dated at all.

Christine says:

It reminds me of my childhood home: orange and brown, with faux brick and wood paneling. Good laughs. But my personal favorite retro look was not interiors but a car. My husband and I were watching the Gameshow network in the US and they had the show called "Let’s make a deal." Behind one of the curtians was this station wagon, it was orange with wood grain paneling on the sides. And when I say orange, I mean bright orange, not muted. I can safely say it is one of the most awful things I have ever seen. Faux wood should be banned!!!!

oregonbird says:

I think I actually begged for the retro.

Priscilla says:

retro is good! (to look at)…

msd says:

The variety of this blog is why I love it. I see interiors I love, like, dislike, loathe, feel completely apathetic about.

It’s your blog. You and Kim can put whatever you like on here. I’m just grateful for all the time and effort you put in every day to bring us these images.

Cheers 🙂

Tanya says:

Wow this place is amazing. I love the whole vibe

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