Posted on Wed, 28 Apr 2010 by KiM

Suppose Design Office is a Japanese architecture firm headed by 35 year old Makoto Tanijiri and employs what looks to be a bunch of very creative young people (from what I can tell on their profile page). That creativity oozes from every corner of every space they have designed. I am adoring the exposed concrete, the use of timber in somewhat odd places, cool staircases, wacky exteriors. Incredible. They definitively think outside the box.

jessica says:

amazing designs.

Alyssa says:

I’m going into my junior year of college and finally moving into an off-campus apartment. I have SO much space to work with and I’m so excited to design my room and bathroom and WALK-IN closet!!!
I found this blog recently and I fell in love. I’ve been through hundreds of pages and I’m so so SO inspired. Too bad it’s finals week and I should be studying… but at least my new room is going to be SPECTACULAR!
Thanks for all the inspiration! 🙂

Linda says:

their website is a 100% addictive, i literally had to force myself to stop browsing their houses (ahm, it´s 10.15 am…). honestly, one of my favourite links on your blog!

Tanya says:

It is absolutely stunning

Ana says:

I would look cooler if the houses around weren’t so different… I mean the ubication is not the best

Ana says:

It* says:

Lovely house and pictures. Thank you for an blog full of inspiration!

jed says:

these look like the noisiest houses ever, really, especially house 1. perfect if you are the sort of person who puts a knife down on a plate and wants someone else, two rooms away, to know all about it!

Ragnhild says:

Oh, this is actually one of my all time favourite houses! I love it!

Tito says:

Just have to say, why did i found thid soooo late. my house is already build…., amazing architecture.

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