Swedish eye candy

Posted on Tue, 4 May 2010 by midcenturyjo

What is it about Swedish homes and Swedish real estate websites? Look at this fabulous 2 level apartment. White, just enough old with new, obviously a great location, a balcony for more than just a couple of chairs… think party for all your friends, a brick wall to die for, cool spiral staircase (perhaps a liability with all those balcony parties) and lots of light shining in. Check out the wall of mirrors surrounding the flatscreen. Clever idea. I have a new real estate website to stalk, Eklund. Link for this apartment here. Prices will make your hair curl but it’s good to dream.

DTS Fan says:

I thought the use of mirrors behind/around the television was interesting and reminded me to ask, Do you have any photo inspiration for spiffing up around the TV? Thanks

I wish I had taste says:

Misleading post title is misleading. I thought I was going to find pictures of Alexander Skarsgård.

But the pictures are pretty. No, really, they are.

Adrienne B says:

That stair! Anyone know- custom, manufactured????

I bought a house in Sweden a few years ago. And I have to admit the price!!?? Unbelievable compared to the states…The setting- generally unbelievably gorgeous and quaint, the details – everything from old doors to fireplaces and ceilings can make you drool. I’m going to send you guys my some of my favorite real estate sites at home that will make you want to pack up and move over. So glad to see posts about Sweden.

R says:

I saw this on the makeover show "Room Service" too. It’s interesting the couple is selling 😉 Makes you wonder if they got the makeover for free and want to make profit from it. Although I must admit the aparment is amazing, definitely not worth the money.

Lily says:

Wallpaper bookshelf?! Why? I mean…it looks neat, but… I couldn’t bare to have a fake bookshelf in my home.

the zhush says:

Oh My Goodness…that staircase was enough to send me into fits of jealousy…AND then, ….the roof!!!!

lindsey says:

ok, officially inspired by those stairs. i am talking to my contractor TODAY!


I Love it! I love the spiral staircase and the roof top seating area especially.

Eye Candy is right! YUM!! Love Love Love that staircase~!

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