Even more Swedish eye candy ….the overdose edition

Posted on Wed, 5 May 2010 by midcenturyjo

I couldn’t resist. When I find a new website it’s pillage and mayhem. Here are two more fabulous Swedish properties for sale through Eklund. The first a summer home on an island. Main house, pool, guest house and sauna out at the end of a jetty. Almost as stunning as the surrounds. Definitely house party material. The second home is a small apartment with clever use of space. A minimalist and well disguised kitchen (what do you think of the wall oven placement?), a large mirror to open up the space and a cool modern vibe. A perfect city pad especially if you knew the island home awaited you on weekends.

Here’s the weekday hang out 😉



Piper says:

this is just pure swedish delight!! i love the bed and headboard – so fantastic. and the terrace with the fluffy chairs – love it!

Shauna says:

I want that mirror. That might even be a need acutally.

Danielle says:

OMG…I need to be in that sauna overlooking the charming lake….BEAUTIFUL!

Love the weekday hang out. What a smart use of an all-white decor–the pops of color keep it from being sterile.

@home says:

the beach and the sauna…..would love a little holiday there…

Sammy says:

Just can’t get enough of those suspended fireplaces. Love ’em!

jennifer in sf says:

Ok. So when is someone going to buy me a Swedish summer home? Seriously.

Eva says:

The second house is preferred. It feels a lot more home-y and has character- the other one is too sparse & in the middle of nowhere.

Jasmine says:

Be still my heart…I just adore suspended fireplaces…oh, and I supposed I’d take the rest of the house too! 🙂
I love the sleek and modern yet warm feeling of the second space.

That super size mirror in the dining area is gorgeous! So dramatic!

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