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Posted on Thu, 6 May 2010 by KiM

Jo and I have a thing for church conversions. The creativity to turn a structure like a church into a home is pretty inspiring to think outside the box. I came across one last night while I should have been doing other more important things (like finally getting my tax paperwork together, late of course). This conversion (found here) is of an 19th century Protestant church in downtown Cape Town, South Africa. It’s painted all white with wood floors left in their original, rough state with modern furnishings to liven the place up. And the enormous suspended frame with blinds is a great way to delineate the kitchen from the living/dining spaces.

Hi Kim, That is so funny because I did a post on a church conversion today too (but in England.) Anna from La Boheme mentioned the coincidence to me so I had to see the church conversio you posted about. Very cool! Here’s the link to my Church conversion post if you’re interested:

Karen O.

Victoria says:

If you love Church conversions you MUSt check out this amazing old Church in the Hawkes Bay in New Zealand that has been converted into a vineyard and restaurant. Every detail is amazing right down to the bathrooms. I went there for dinner at Christmas time and was blown away with their lavish decor and amazing food. A must when visiting New Zealand.


Tanya says:

I could not be more in love with this

Katelynne says:

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and I love it!! (I just worked up the courage now to write a comment)
Anyway, thanks for a great blog!
P.S. I think I will be writing many comments from now on! LOL!

Sarah says:

This is beautiful. I love adaptive re-use of buildings with this much character!

Jasmine says:

Wowie wowza! What a dream to have a huge open space like that! I luuuuvie the floors!

How incredible, I love it! The original floorboards are beautiful.

This space is so rustic and interesting. I love the textures, from the floor boards to the outdoor sink.

Vanessa says:

LOVE the floors!

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