Black and white kitchen makeover, and a remodeled bungalow

Posted on Fri, 7 May 2010 by KiM

Are you all as excited that it’s Friday as I am? I have the day off today from my day job (WOHOO!) so it’s the start of a long weekend for me, which is very welcomed because my fiancé and I need to get working on the renovation of my dressing room (which was suuposed to start last weekend) so he can fit all his clothes when he moves in to my place in a couple weeks. It’s going to be a fairly simple job – rip out the existing ancient shell of a closet, re-drywall where the closet was, replace the UGLY laminate floor with the new maple floating floor we purchased (that is not ready for us to pick up yet), paint, hang bars on one end of the room and floor to ceiling shelving on the other, and then DECORATE! Did I say that was simple? Maybe not. Time consuming for sure so I had better get cracking. To end off the work week and speaking of renovations, I thought I’d feature a couple I found on Country Home. The first is a makeover that modernized the kitchen in a Connecticut Victorian built in 1873 (and adjacent ‘keeping’ room and entryway). It’s all black and white – gotta love that! Further in is the gorgeous renovation of a 1923 Craftsman bungalow in Des Moines, Iowa.




laura says:

i love the craftsman style yet the traditional colors can be depressing. i love the light colors used here!

i always think i prefer white cabinetry but then i see a dark kitchen like this one and fall in love. my taste is so susceptive to change! lovely after photos.

Katelynne says:

Those black kitchen chairs look exactly like ours!!

Both are gorgeous renovations. That first kitchen is lovely with the black cabinetry against the polished floorboards. And I’m in love with the bathroom of the second home, the bath looks so deep!

A dream house for Trish says:

I love the dark kitchen, Im a sucker for black & white.i also love the cosy window seats, they are sooo inviting!!!!

That’s some nice and very inspirational pictures! it reminds me of @mybluesofa

Lisa says:

What is the green paint color used in the bedroom picture, with the side lamp? It's beautiful!!!

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