When you’re horrified by white (and a bonus)

Posted on Thu, 13 May 2010 by KiM

Nathalie is horrified by white. So naturally she gravitates towards colour. And she’s not afraid to use it….all over her apartment. In wacky and wonderful ways.


And on the same website that I found Nathalie’s home, I found a large selection of small spaces, including some pretty amazing solutions when dealing with cramped quarters. If you’re fortunate enough to have an open loft space but aren’t sure what to do for a bedroom, how about a rolling cube just large enough to fit a bed? This is SUCH a brilliant idea.


midcenturyjo says:

As much as I love colour I think I’d be overwhelmed. A brave and fun home none the less 🙂

Cristina says:

I’d feel overwhelmed – too many things going on for me – but the house is fun and I’m sure she enjoys it 🙂 The box for the bed is a clever idea, especially thanks to the wheels.

Daniel Shand says:

I like the Bed in a box. it’s a very unique design and can save space in a room.

Random Intent says:

Nathalie must be a very cool person in person, her joyous personality really shines through in every room. Life as art.

Danielle says:

Okay…that was incredible! Especially the bed in a box!

Kelly-Ann says:


Cynthia says:


Malwina says:

How vibrant and beautiful! The whole apartment looks like one piece of art… – I also love the idea with the bed cube, it seems so cosy and yet stylish. Thanks for sharing!

Josh says:

Love the box bed! I went to a party at a loft in St. Louis about 15 years ago that had the same type of moveable guest room… They dialed up the idea a step, however, and had bookshelves built into all three sides… It served as library/lounge/guest room all in one!

Hot pink?Check! Cubby house-like? Check! Comfy & cosy? Check! Mobile so I always keep the layout fresh and different?Check!
Can I stay there forever? pleaseeee?

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