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Posted on Wed, 26 May 2010 by midcenturyjo

Beautiful images of beautiful rooms. Strangely calm, restrained and elegant in their simplicity these photographs are by British photographer Ray Main. People often ask why we go on and on about the photographer and not the designer or owner. Besides the fact that we will always acknowledge the site where we find the images we use, it is the photographer that captures the beauty of the room for us to see and fall in love with. I’m sure that if we all traipsed through these rooms we’d love what we saw (after several thousand of us had trampled through) but because we can’t artists like Ray transport us there, we gasp and mentally note all we love and Ray’s job is done. He has captured all that inspires us. He has communicated the beauty.




Too gorgeous! I can’t decide what I love the most – the first image is beautiful, the lighting in the bedroom (image 2) is glorious, and the little carved-out heart on the stairway is pure sweetness! These photos (and rooms) have drawn me in!

Sarah W says:

I LOVE that mossy garden with the topiary balls. I have been working on doing interior photos and let me tell you it is challenging. The lighting the set up the composition. It is like a huge still life. I really love doing it and this makes me even more inspired. Thank you.

RLG says:

beautiful simplicity. i could be at home in any one of these rooms. sigh. xoxo

Carol@TheDesignPages says:

As a designer and a stylist, I couldn’t agree more that the photographer is essential in making the rooms come to life on paper (or web). I can never do justice to a completed room or styling session without a pro to make it look just the way I want to see it.

Topaz says:

These houses are MINE!! Exactly what I love, and I adore the first one. Kudos to Ray, who is a magician.

Tanya says:

Everything is balanced so well in this home. From the chair placement to the wall decor.

Morella says:

the bathroom is amazing !!!!!!!!

oregonbird says:

These rooms have such a sense of — wisdom, about them. The coolest grandparents in the world would live here. That’s grandmother, the nude over the fireplace. Grandfather has his own bathroom (and bedroom, of course) — those are pictures of him, back during the Depression, before he tore Grandmother away from her admirers in Frankfurt. (There’s a definite euro-elite flair!) Of course, she’s had other admirers through the years…

My favorite is the cottage entry with the fantasist painting — or maybe the sunny, stark dining room. Possibly the distant bedroom, for the inclusion of that rug.

The photographer put a living soul into these pictures.

Danielle says:

The shelving in the bathroom looks pretty heavy duty. Where is it from? Reminds me of airplane or bus racks.

Priscilla says:

I, who go over the top on absolutely everything I do, need to burn these images into my brain, and learn from them. They are a study in simplicity, restraint and small explosions of killer design. Thanks for the cool post, I’ll let you know if it helps with my OTT issues!

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