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Posted on Fri, 28 May 2010 by midcenturyjo


Dear Ms Rachel Whiting,

How did you get to be so damned good at photography? Was it nature or nurture? Simplicity, colour, form and light. Your photos are restrained but also refined. Dear Ms Whiting your portfolio is fabulous. I for one am a big fan. So was Kim when she posted about your work back in 2008. So many more new images since then. I guess a good photographer is always busy. Your work makes me want to move into every room I see. Sorry I’m gushing. Just wanted to write this short note to say wow… just wow.










Priscilla says:

A good photographer makes it look easy. It ain’t easy!

Bev65 says:

wow. that’s all I got. just…wow

Bev65 says:

oh wait, jo already said that 🙂

wow is right! the textiles and rugs are divine and the photography is to die for. count me as the newest member of the club!

Melanie says:

Gorgeous! Every picture looks like a room I could imagine myself in. It feels like the home I didn’t know I had.
p.s. I looooove your blog!

cool stuff, love it. i work with concrete every day and man it makes my heart sing!

lone that pikelated looking throw, v.cool.

Natalie says:

How would one find out who did the gorgeous flower painting in the photo of the bedroom on the left, 3rd pair from the top? It is beautiful!

Mere says:

Where is that awesome pixel blanket from?

So many beautiful elements light bright and not at all cliche or bland…love love!

chole says:

Mere –
The photo with the pixel blanket was reposted on AT today, I tracked it back to here and eventually to Missoni, in case you're still wondering!

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