Paddington pad by SWAD

Posted on Mon, 31 May 2010 by midcenturyjo

Scott Weston emailed with his latest project and as usual he included lots of pictures – before, during and after as well as his amazing presentation models in this case 4 options. Scott always writes the best descriptions of his work so I’ll let him take it away. “I thought you might like to see this jewel box of an apartment that is just 48m2 and was totally gutted and re-built within three months in Paddington, Sydney…

We fly our Contractor/Builder out from Copenhagen to do these type of quality projects as he is much more cost-effective being a jack-of-all-trades and it saves time/money (and he’s a perfectionist!). The tiniest apartment comprising existing entry vestibule, separate bathroom, living room (faces north) with small alcove kitchen and two bedrooms (one functions as an office) that both face east. We removed the wall between kitchen and study, removed the windows in the kitchen, living room and bathroom and replaced with shugg frameless sliding windows to maximise views/light. The whole apartment was gutted and the floor was partially removed and replaced then stained a deep walnut. Walls were chased for electrical and light fittings.





At concept stage we focused on asking the Client to provide a functional list of what their storage and living requirements were so we could assess and start to use these components as the main joinery pieces in the apartment. The main focal point is the ‘magicians box’ or multi-functional joinery unit (hand-painted in dirty mauve) that sits in the kitchen and straddles living room and study which acts as storage unit, light box, pantry, integrated fridge, wardrobe and broom cupboard. Other joinery items are room specific providing specific storage requirements with quirky details such as tangerine internal carcasses to otherwise bone white storage cupboards. Lighting is either plaster uplights, lightboxes, LED strip lighting or the hero piece in the living room the George Nelson bubble pendant that is dimmable. The kitchen benchtop is mauve (dirty mauve) with timber carcasses below and overhead cupboards with matching glass splashbacks. We designed a banquette that sits under the northern window that you can lounge on with pullout drawers underneath for added storage. The fabric seat is aubergine wool with fine pink embroidery as a detail. The bathroom is off white with translucent pink glass mosaics and matching pink epoxy grout and mirror cabinets for maximum storage. The Client is thrilled and I went shopping yesterday with them to purchase the all important Missoni bathroom towels and the french bedlinen as we are designing a chocolate brown velvet fitted bedspread! This project is a great exercise in not upgrading and moving to a bigger place but staying put, purging all the stuff you have collected and no longer need and allowing us to provide a truly beautiful design environment in which to reside.”


And now the befores and durings. What a transformation! What a job! What an apartment! Such clever spatial planning and beautiful bespoke cabinetry. Thanks Scott. Your work is always so inspiring.



Nat says:

Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing.

Bev65 says:

I love that they preserved that ceiling detail. The whole place went form hodge podge to serene. Awesome reno, thanks for sharing.

Tanya says:

Wow. Love the concept and look. That bookshelf is to die for. I love that it surrounds the door. Too awesome!

ginger says:

What happened to the room with the zigzag molding? I love it!

so nice to see the before, during, and after photos! would love to see more of that. in the mean time i’ll be swooning over the pale purple wall… what fun!

Audrey says:

Everything is lovable! Both shelves (I love especially that one inside the bedroom!), the colors, the elegance of the project and the very cute (and elegant too!) box with the 4 options! Oh my!!! I want!!!

Jo in NZ says:


Those lavendar-lined bookcases are to-die for! Crisp, clean, modern, and accessible. I so wish I had thought of that.

What a brilliant transformation! I love this apartment. Had been wondering how anybody could renovate in three months in Paddington… clarification that this involved overseas helpers made this make sense!

Scott Weston says:

Yes, our man in Copenhagen who flies over is very good at Project Management and we had a three month window of opportunity to demolish and re-build which is no mean feat. Good planning and communication between Client, Architect and Builder/Contractor is the key to any successful refurbishment.

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