A pretty Danish home

Posted on Wed, 2 Jun 2010 by KiM

I love this beautiful 1911 villa – home to a couple with 5 children – in the Danish town of Frederiksberg. It’s serene, simple and bright. Styled by Katrine Martensen-Larsen (other posts of her work here and here) and photographed by Stuart McIntyre (previous post here).




ghost chairs are EVERYWHERE now but am still loving them!

fyi- Frederickberg is really a neighborhood, a part of Copenhagen. Though they have their own city hall, it’s considered a part of town.

San says:

When can I move in?

Beautiful. I am just loving the predominantly white pallet. I am dying to do a big white oil painting.

Myra says:

luv the stove. anybody knows what brand is that?

peggy says:

What a beautiful home. So simple and serene, yet full of interesting touches at every turn. I was stunned by the shock of that gorgeous painting in the entry way. Perfect!

Kathleen says:

I do love Swedish design and still, lo these many years later, adore the Ghost chair.

Morella says:

.. wow .. I love this house !!!! I want to live there .. eheheh !!!!! 🙂

Muna says:

picture perfect!
simply beautiful:)

This is such a beautiful and inspiring home. This is exactly the colour scheme of my own home, so peaceful and serene – I even have the same wallpaper in my stairwell! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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