Reader request – bathroom vanities

Posted on Thu, 3 Jun 2010 by KiM

Sorry for my lack of reader request posts lately – things have been a little hairy for me (and with 9 cats now I mean that in every sense of the word). This one comes from Brooke: “I have one request: bathroom vanity’s using antique dressers. I am renting an apartment, and going to school to become a designer… and once I am all done and find a place of my own – I will be sure to find a fixer upper… and in that fixer upper will be many fab finds such as a vintage dresser vanity!” I adore dressers repurposed as vanities so I was shocked to find out I didn’t have that many photos of this brilliant idea. So below are some vintage dressers, tables, maybe some not so vintage dressers, and even an Ikea kitchen island.

Sköna hem Elle Decor
Nuevo Estilo Mark Olson
Kristen Buckingham House and Garden
Kara Mann Sunset
Sunset Sunset
pattern of life Phoebe Howard

Canadian House & Home
Côté Maison
Jordi Canosa
House To Home

Kristen says:

I really like these! All very different, but all very beautiful. I especially like the Elle Decor, House & Garden, and Sunset. All great vanity ideas! Thanks for sharing 🙂

what a fun request! vanities are so wonderfully feminine. there’s nothing like a ruffly chair and trays of perfume to carve out your own corner of a room! i love the yellow in the sunset picture.

oregonbird says:

I was kind of ‘meh’ — until the last one. It belongs in a ravaged vintage movie theatre, the sort with a warren of old dressing rooms made into bathrooms. The place you went to gossip with your friends because the movie was terrible, but just being out was velvet! The green marble-top table is wonderful too.

Maybe it’s just me, but antique dressers made into vanities just make me cringe — watermarks! Toothpaste smears! Bathrooms have to be *scrubbed*, which includes every surface of a vanity… the sheer ruin to the delicate surfaces just doesn’t make sense. Looks fabulous, of course.

Erin says:

Thanks so so much for doing a post on these! I have been wanting to do this in my ensuite for SUCH a long time but have been unsure about it. I think it would be fabulous if I could get an old dresser to match my bedroom suite.

Carrie says:

Thanks for including my bathroom! I had a ton of fun making it all come together. And for $30, it was well worth it. Oh, and it’s actually quite easy to clean, especially since we put a serious clear coat on the surface, therefore, no damage.

Morella says:

.. bathroom is my favourite room !!!!!!! thanks for the pictures .. as always a stunning collection !! 😀

oregonbird says:

@Carrie — which bathroom was yours???

Tanya says:

Wow these are so stunning. I love all the dual vanities.

CassiMO says:

Those orange subway tiles in the Sunset image are to die for. We have two bath remodels planned this year in our home, so this post was perfectly timed…Thanks!

Nur says:

Los espejos son preciosos

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