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Posted on Sun, 6 Jun 2010 by KiM

A sponsor of ours, Kristen Devries, sent me a sample of a new product her shop (Kir Devries) is carrying and I wanted to plug it because she’s been a great sponsor to us for some time now, her product is such a great idea, and she’s going through a really rough time these days (I won’t get into the gory details because she might kill me but let’s just say that some men are scum) and it sounds like she could use a little extra help. So, this product she sent me is an all in one household & laundry cleaning ultra concentrate.

Do you know what this stuff does? It replaces 48 bottles of household cleaner or washes 95 loads of laundry. It’s such a fantastic concept because I have a zillion bottles of cleaners (why I don’t know) and every time I look under the sinks at all of them I get irritated. According to Kristen this cleaner works on carpets, shampooing pets, cleaning jewelry, making hand soap and so much more. I decided to use some to make a glass cleaner (mixed with water and vinegar) and a general household cleaner (mixed with water). I bought some water bottles at the dollar store and mixed them up in those so they’re ready to use. (I forgot to get cute labels).

Since a little of this concentrate goes a LONG way, I might even try it as a laundry detergent. It works wonders and I am stoked to try it out on everything. (P.S. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and ph neutral). Get your own bottle of goodness here. And while you are there, check out all the other great products she carries…I just found the CUTEST bento and snack boxes! Thanks Kristen!!!

Jo says:

Oh wow those bento boxes are adorable! I also want like everyone of the serving trays she has.

Sparky says:

I like lots of things: water bottles, market and veggie bags, serving trays…and lots more!

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