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Posted on Thu, 10 Jun 2010 by KiM

The other day Carolyn emailed with some adorable photos of her English bulldog for the next pet post (stay tuned Monday!), and also sent along some photos of her Victorian home in Leslieville, Toronto. Her house has great bones – some exposed brick, cool angled windows, loft, rooftop deck and her eclectic style brings to it all little bit ‘o funk. Thanks for sharing with us Carolyn! (P.S. Although there’s nothing wrong with Carolyn’s photos, I was shocked to hear she’s friends with photographer Virginia MacDonald and hasn’t had Virginia photograph it for her!)

orsi says:

I love that kitchen!!!

Anna says:

I want to steal that patchwork quilt (or maybe just get one of my own). What a beautiful home!

Brooke D says:

This home is great. I actually saw the loft space makeover on pure design… they’ve changed the green couch to white! I liked the green more!

Carolyn Gavin says:

Actually Virginia HAS shot the 3rd floor for Pure Design and Style at Home. She seems to be waiting for us to finish but we never seem to get there!
Thanks for all the great comments guys!

KJ says:

Also a Leslievillian & really happy you featured this great space!

mihameeha says:

Cool place! You can tell that a family lives there. And I’m crazy about textile galore…

bit messy!

Jewel says:

Hey, where is your bed from? love it.

bohemian says:

I love this cozy home!!

Elise Lowerison says:

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