Flickr finds – window seats

Posted on Sun, 20 Jun 2010 by KiM

Tonia says:

WOW, amazing window seats and a few beds.

sam says:

im a sucker for a nice window seat and a book.

Lynn says:

Though I don’t really like the term ‘bucket list’, having a window seat has always been on mine. Unlike some of the photos above, I picture mine with ends that you can lean against and being in a quiet area of the house where I can read and possibly nap (i.e., not next to the dining table). Oh, and sunlight streaming in wouldn’t hurt. Wow, this sounds like a cat wrote it 😉

Sparky says:

Always thought I’d enjoy a window seat—don’t have one yet. Thanks for keeping me inspired through the weekend. ;o)

charli says:

Oh I so favorited a few of these on flickr! May I just say, for those who haven’t had a window seat and aspire to one day, that the larger the better. And a very thick cushion and something comfy to lean back against are a must. I had one as a girl, and even my 11 year old body soon grew uncomfortable sitting on a thin cushion with no place to put by back but a wall. Which was a shame, because it was one of my favorite spots. I spent many a summer afternoon and sleepless night sitting on my windowseat, looking out over the street behind us and listening to the noise from a nearby highway.

Oh my dear, I needed this blissful post. I am struggling with my window seat. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

i love the idea o window seats 🙂

We have a window seat in our bedroom, but being that we live in a ranch house (read:windows that are high on the wall) you can’t see out of it when you are sitting. So I’m going to raise it by about 10 inches and put a step to get up. I plan on hanging floor to ceiling curtains all the way across the wall that it’s on so it takes center stage. I was happy to see that some of these had curtains, it made me want to start working on mine!

Jane says:

Ooh, I’m so glad you did this post. I am having a bench seat put in below the dining window and I love this angelicshakti one – the blue wall light is a sweet touch.

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