Jaime Ferrer

Posted on Fri, 25 Jun 2010 by KiM

I see Jo’s Swedish photographer and I raise her one Spanish photographer, by the name of Jaime Ferrer. Jaime’s photos are beautiful, and the spaces seem to come to life and beckon you from your monitor to come and enjoy.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! May you have the opportunity to knock of some items on your TO DO list like I hope to gawd I can do with mine.


Nuit says:

mmmmmmmm i LOVE the pops of color!!!

loving the bursts of color and texture, not to mention all the pretty little vignettes! gorgeous post.

Ooh, I do like. All so inviting, bright and happy. Thanks for sharing the links with us. Just completed a minor little task in our bathroom a few days ago and so happy the smallest things make a huge difference.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Tiffany says:

Love that bed!!!!!!!!!!!


enjoying your posts! i really admire the first two pics in the left column…so luxe yet warm & inviting spaces.

Emily says:

I love the use of bright colors and the spacial design of the rooms.

I really like the white carpet… Does anyone know where it is from? Who designed it?

Priscilla says:

I l o v e everything here.
OK, maybe not the cactus…


Perfect post for this Monday…bright and bold colors….I always LOVED the Maryli Monroe by Warhol…I like them clustered together, so pretty!

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