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Posted on Tue, 29 Jun 2010 by KiM

Andrea Monath Schumacher created the Denver Colorado firm O Interior Design back in 1999 and is now joined by Laura Medicus and Devon Goldberg. Together they create contemporary spaces that have an air of Hollywood Regency but are comfortable and liveable, chic without being too over the top. Unless you consider wall-to-wall zebra print carpeting in a bedroom over the top….

this post is bursting with inspiration for me. their style is so graphic and punchy! i love that the horns on the mantle look a little like a mustache — just one of the quirky details that’s got me head over heels for their portfolio.

object:ORANGE says:

Absolutely gloriously beautiful!! With a side of stunning!

ia2sf says:

hmmmm… I’m not sure. The spaces are nice, the style is kinda cool. But the overall impression leaves me a little cold. They just look like nice hotel rooms, not somewhere in which I would actually want to spend more than a few days.

Wow! I am browsing through some furniture/design blogs and am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the quality of a lot of them, this one included! Some really great stuff going on here!

Porchlight Interiors says:

Love their style…thanks for sharing! Tracey xx

Swoon…I love it all! Regency design is so amazing.

Tiffany says:

Oh there all such gorgeous rooms especially love the study and the white lounge suit with the black piping. Just lovely!

ia2sf says:

Boy, I musta been in a mood!! I looked again and actually really like everything! I would definitely stay more than a day or two.

Sara says:

sorry to say but I think these rooms are really wrong- they do not work at all

I hope you can also take a look on my portfolio page, I am also an interior designer. If you got the spare time maybe you can also feature me on your blog. 🙂

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