Christian Speck

Posted on Tue, 6 Jul 2010 by midcenturyjo


Up a winding lane in a village nestled beneath the Swiss Alps. Climb a rustic stair and… wow! This amazing renovation is by Christian Speck of Formzone. Lashings of rough and just enough luxe. It’s sleek and minimalist modern meets stone monolith and I love it. Age old beams and so fresh you can smell it pine. I dream of a view of the alps like that. A remarkable house in a remarkable part of the world.



Nuit says:

oh maaaaan! the walls, the wallsssss!!!!!!

You’re right – the view is amazing! I was just watching House Hunters International a few days ago as they were looking for properties near the Tuscany region. It made me want to run away to Europe…now I see this post and I want to all the more! 😉
XO Piper

Cristina says:

Great design, I love the mix of white and natural textures.

ceschi says:

I think this is Soglio in southern Switzerland, judging by the campanile and mountains behind. This place is so much worth visiting, its lovely. My grandmothers sister lived there a few years and i grew up not far away.

Tanneke says:

Mixing nice materials with old, rustic features and some wonderful mid-century modern pieces. Thanks for posting!

Pat says:

Oh my gosh – simple and beautiful. And the setting in the Alps – a dream!!

Luci says:

Man, this feels like the perfect house if ever I become filthy rich, as well as becoming moody and reclusive, with a penchant for writing novellas, drinking coffee and smoking all day. Heart!

Not just for a guys taste but for gals too—ahh the simplicity of it all-it seems almost impossible-

Claire says:

Wow. I looove this so much <3

Wow! Great design. I love that the interior is so unexpected from the outside.

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