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Posted on Wed, 21 Jul 2010 by KiM

Before I begin the main topic of this post, I just wanted to thank everyone who has left kind comments on the main blog and on my page regarding my upcoming wedding. The big day is Saturday, and due to the fact that this event is happening on the gorgeous property that is my parent’s backyard, there is ALOT of setting up and that sort of thing that needs to happen in the next couple of days. Because of this I will be taking a bit of a break from the blog starting tomorrow but I’ll be back on Tuesday (Jeff and I aren’t really having a honeymoon on account of the huge addition {=expense} we want to put on our house in the near future but we’ll be going to Prince Edward Island next month to visit Jeff’s family and friends). Jo is AS ALWAYS insisting she publish posts on my behalf because she is a hardass and doesn’t believe in breaks so you all won’t be missing anything. On that note have a great rest of the week and weekend and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!

The other day Rodgrido Martins, an interior designer from São Paulo Brazil, emailed with photos of his pooch for the latest pet post. At the end of his email there was mention of a website called Quarto & Sala. The site is a bit confusing as to what exactly the point is, but it seems like the Brazilian version of The Selby (a popular subject here as a couple weeks ago I blogged about the German version). It features wonderful photography of the homes of seemingly ordinary people who don’t really follow the “rules” of interior design. Which is why I love this site so much. The spaces are quirky and completely lived in, and many are filled with vintage finds. Some photos randomly chosen from the site are below. (Photographed by Gabriel Valdivieso and Maira Acayaba).


Edwina says:

Kim , just a heartfelt thanks to both you and Jo , on the eve on your impending nuptials, for helping me recover my sanity ,
your daily blogs , brought both joy and a purpose !! and allowed me to engulf myself in a world of beauty through design
have a ball and remember life is a rollercoaster my dearest thanks ed xx

I’m Brazilian and even after checking out the site, I still have no idea what the point is. Of course maybe that’s the point (hipster vagueness is never out of style here.
Amazing pictures, still.

Jaqueline says:

Lindo! Todos objetos em perfeita harmonia. A caixinha de suco foi um ótimo detalhe!


Wow! I´m brazilian blogger too and I write about Interior Design. Untill now I´ve never heard about this site. Interesting, because I read at about 700 of blogs every single day. It´s good to know what´s going (in Brazil)

I love the book sheaf. Congrats on the wedding!!

evelyn says:

Muito bom!! O Gabriel escreve muito bem e as fotos estão uma poesia!

Doris says:

My sister in law just send me the link and I found my house in it!!!!
Good to know….I love Gabriel’s work.
best regards


carla alonso says:

Mas que coisa mais fofa! O amigo de cima comentou que as fotos estão uma poesia. Olha, ele encontrou as palavras certas! Tudo lindo!!! Tudo lindo demais!!! Parabéns!

Chris says:

Hi Kim, just want to wish you all the best for the big day… and the rest of your life together! I love your blog and just can’t resist a daily visit. I may have found a new addiction 🙂
You and Jo and so inspiring —- thank you both for all the work you do.

KiM says:

Thanks to those who left comments regarding my wedding tomorrow! (Now I must run – SOOO much to do!!!)

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