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Posted on Thu, 22 Jul 2010 by midcenturyjo

“A brilliant factory conversion complimented by an enormous garden oasis creates a unique, versatile and totally captivating city-edge living experience. Fashioned into two distinct residences offering flexible accommodation options, both highlight the rustic architecture of the original building along with contemporary design elements, each featuring two bedrooms, bathroom and additional powder room, enormous open-plan living/dining area complimented by a quality kitchen and full-sized laundry plus separately metered services and ducted heating systems. Enchanting full-length garden provides a blissfully private outdoor environment with vine-laden pergolas, immaculate landscaping.” Sound like a real estate agent’s spiel? It is. I lifted the copy straight from the listing. I had to because all I am capable of saying is “Yum yum yum… want… need” then become speechless over the number of Grant Featherston chairs in these homes. I must stop stalking. It’s bad for my health. I have raised blood pressure from all the envy. Decisions, decisions. Which one would I live in? Both 😉 Link to this North Fitzroy home here while it lasts.

really amazing!
i love how spacious the are… or look.
i think i would live in the one on the street front, with red door frames, yellow kitchen, and pink chair.

Laura says:

The hardwood floors are so beautiful, although I love the vaulted ceilings. The wood accents all the way around are simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. Lovely!

Nuit says:

oh pure yumminesss… i love it!

céline says:

or unbeliveable , the place to live…

Wow, what a spectacular find! I love the idea of renovated factory-turned homes simply because of the unusual design aspects that the average ‘house’ would never offer, such as the high rafters and open spaces.

Denise says:

At a Council bulk rubbish collection a couple of years ago I picked up two Grant Featherston chairs! In near perfect condition! Outside a block of units, so not even the need to check with the owner! A lucky find, you could say.

I wish I had taste says:

Fantastic! Consider my mind blown. This house reminds me so much of the ones I’d see in Habitania, a Spanish magazine. I haven’t found one in a while, and this post has reignited my love for the publication.

CF123 says:

I want that funky rug in the first picture! Anyone know where it’s from?

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