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Posted on Mon, 26 Jul 2010 by midcenturyjo

I love seeing inside reader’s homes. I especially love it when those homes are in far away places. Sylvia emailed with some pictures of her newly refurbed home in Singapore. Just a few pictures but enough to know that I really want Sylvia’s pink Egg Chair! Her dining table is cool too. “The dinning table was custom-made, my husband and I just described to the carpenter what we wanted and he made this interesting piece, quite close to what we have imagined.” Space is at a premium in a heavily populated island nation like Singapore and it’s great to see stylish small homes. I think I know the kids’ favourite spot 😉

I am so jealous of that bookcase!

I love the dining room table! And what fun chairs! My kids would be in ‘chair heaven!!’

Dana says:

Love the floating vanity.

I need that chair!

Maria says:

Love that lamp!!

Spela says:

love it and your blog

Inspirer-to-be says:

I wouldn’t say that dining table is custom made.. it’s quite easily available directly from China, Thailand and Indonesia. Let’s put it that each piece is individual because it’s of natural wood.

Hey I am from Singapore, interesting to note that cost of the property (if it is an apartment only) in the vicinity of 4 plus million SGD dollars.

sky says:

i live in singapore. could you tell me who your carpenter was? pretty please?

hn says:

saw those mismatched dining table plastic chairs and fabric covered chairs at molecule last week

was just thinking to myself how to change the fabric if it’s stained..didn’t get it in the end, obviously!:P

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