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Posted on Mon, 26 Jul 2010 by midcenturyjo

Ever dreamed of having a fabulous studio to ply your creative trade? Wide open spaces, a white shell in which to create your colourful portfolio? Minimalist but fab furniture and the ultimate decor accessory, a cheeky pug called Buffy? If the answer is yes then you must have been dreaming of photographer and reader Brook Pifer’s studio. OMG I’m jealous. Cool space and über cool pup!

Zoe says:

This is so beautiful! I especially love the lighting.

what an awful place to go to work at everyday?

the wide open spaces, gorgeous kitchen, and sunny conference room. yuck.

need an assistant?


There’s nothing here to work with! Hence, what makes it a minimalist design! It’s definitely quite chic!

mudpuppy says:

Dang, I thought it was just me! Unfortunately, what I call a warehouse space they now call lofts and sell for millions *sigh*

Ren says:

OMG- I am so in love- I want to live here- I don’t know how condusive it would be with two monkeys but my husband and I could rock this place.

Why yes, I am dreaming of having a fabulous studio to ply my creative trade!

There’s nothing I like more than pics of awesome studio spaces. (Mine still exists only in my head, but you’ve gotta dream!) Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

axio99 says:

I love this place especially with the high ceiling, the place must be so cooling due to that

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