Kira Brandt

Posted on Wed, 28 Jul 2010 by midcenturyjo

Let’s start the day (or end it if you are on this side of the world) with bright and cheerful loveliness snapped by Danish photographer Kira Brandt. Those bulbs just make me smile. Not too long now until winter ends in this part of the world and I’m gathering spring inspiration from Kira’s portfolio. These images tick all the boxes. Retro boho, real homes, gorgeous flowers, sunny yellows and blissful blues. The woman has a great eye!

Rob says:

beautiful stuff, really light and airy. love it

marcelina says:

wow, beautiful…

nice… its always good to see truly livable spaces.

Emily says:

Can I please be Danish?!

Jackie says:

The Panther is awesome! Love the colors surrounding it. What an interesting way to draw people into a room!

nice… its always good to see truly livable spaces.

Lin says:

Had you not posed the question I would have been too polite to comment on the panther but since you asked … it’s beyond hideous!

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