Jeffrey Gordon Smith landscape architecture

Posted on Fri, 30 Jul 2010 by KiM

I love gardening and really appreciate decent landscaping when I see it. I nearly had a coronary when Jeffrey of the firm Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture contacted us and I had a peek at his website. His landscape design skills are incredible and so freaking creative. His firm is based in Los Osos, California, and ‘he has a strong conviction toward a “regional style”, encouraging the owners of his designs to celebrate where they live and create a stronger connection through their landscape‘. I have a slightly different mindset living so far up north (unfortunately) that I love to use tropical plants (succulents are my favourites) so I can pretend I live somewhere far warmer. LOL. In any case, I’m not sure how feasible that driveway in the photo above is for Canadian climate when it would be covered in snow at least half the year and require shoveling but I’d LOOOVE something that non-traditional.





These designs are beautiful. I’d be happy with almost any one of them. Some day I’d like to create a patio in our side yard using pavers surrounded by grass like the first few photos. Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely weekend!
XO Piper

Jeffrey’s use of fire pits in his landscape designs are really creative and very inviting.

RLG says:

Totally incredible. I wish I were so talented. GREAT post. xoxo

Heather says:

I think I saw some of his work before in Sunset Magazine. It’s magnificent and it’s wonderful to see more of it! I wish he’d come to So Cal and work on my front yard! 🙂

Danielle says:

Heather- We work in So Cal all the time. JGS currently has 3 projects down there. Feel free to contact us if your interested in redoing your front yard, we would love to help you out.

Bev65 says:

I love the caged rocks. Now that I’ve not seen before.

Stunning, so much inspiration!
Happy weekend to you both.

I can’t imagine how inspiring it would be to look out onto any one of those landscapes each day! The grid is amazing. Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

bogz_nacional says:

In every photo that I'm looking at,all I can say is "Woooh! I Love it!!!"… Watta great design!

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