Ramón Esteve Estudio de Arquitectura

Posted on Fri, 30 Jul 2010 by midcenturyjo

The quest for harmony, serenity and timelessness, atmosphere, universality and context drives the creative processes of Spanish architect Ramón Esteve. Think modern, creative, innovative and dynamic. To me they are monumental works, at one with their cultural history and the land on which they sit while providing a defence against the harsh elements.  A fortress and a home. That’s one way of justifying a spectacular pool… it’s the moat!

Melanie H says:

That pool!
I also love how there’s a reflection of the stone wall inside (pic#9).

Sara says:

I think the only way for me to be happy in a new home is having a swimming pool. This house is simply perfect- both the exterior and interior are lovely, and the swimming pool + view are beyond amazing. I love.

Kelsi says:

Holy expletive, Batman! I can’t believe how BREATHTAKING that building is! And what a gorgeous view to go with it!

Fatima says:

i want!!!!

Terry says:

Reminds me of Luis Barragán.

Sammy says:

OMG Fricking amazing. Design porn of the highest standard!

Gary says:

This is amazing architecture! I can see my wife in the pool and me just watching her!

lea says:

one word…sensational

Elisa says:

Amazing, is the house in Madrid?

b says:

OmG want to buy it now ! a feast for the eyes and peace for the soul!

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