Sara Essex Bradley

Posted on Wed, 4 Aug 2010 by midcenturyjo


Such beautiful soft light. I feel like I could dive in and swim through it. The light in Australia is so harsh and bright that photos like this are like a glass of cool water. So calm and revitalising. (OK the bright pink wall can hardly be called calm but you know what I mean.) New Orleans based photographer Sara Essex Bradley is like the eye of a cyclone. She stands in a room with her camera and all around her is calm. The kids may be running through, the cats are clawing at the rug, life goes on and the telephone is ringing but where Sara stands and aims her camera life stands still and beauty is what results.










Bev65 says:

I’m with Kim on this one. The way she captures the light is outstanding. I don’t know that I would discribes these rooms as "calm" .. but they certainly aren’t static. They have an expectant quality about them, like someone just left but will be right back. They come across as more truthful versus many of the very over styled interiors I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing Kim.

Bev65 says:

By the way, I don’t get the antler thing either, and I’m from TEXAS!

how fun is that bright pink wall with all of the unexpected little chairs?

Sparky says:

I’m glad I’m not a professional photographer (architecture and art are in my bag)—I’m just enjoying being invited into these spaces. Thanks for sharing, Jo!

Vanessa says:

I’m with Sparky….I enjoy the chance to see the creativity that has gone into creating these wonderful and different spaces. Thank you Jo!

Karin says:

Have to agree on the antler thing-enough already. The best version I’ve seen recently is in the Summer Vogue Living in the Yabu Pushelberg NYC condo. Love so many of the photographers you feature; this might not be the best but I find I focus more on the contents anyway; always looking for great fabrics, furniture, & more.

tporemba says:

What is that pink? I need that pink slathered all over my courtyard like a blushing harlot.

And i agree- no more antlers or eames chairs. Enough!

Curious says:

Does anyone know where the wire chandelier with paper hanging off is from? I’ve been looking forever for that exact fixture.

KiM says:

Curious, that light fixture is by Ingo Maurer and is called Blushing Zettel’z.

marignyB says:

im pretty sure all of these spaces are here in New Orleans, but i know for a fact the rooms with the wood paneled walls are those of the creole house lived in by the very stylish Mary Cooper in the upper ninth ward.

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