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Posted on Fri, 6 Aug 2010 by KiM

It’s reader request time, and this one comes from Sarah. “I love your site, and wanted to write in with a design problem I’m facing in an NYC apartment into which I’m about to move. The apartment’s front door opens into a very long, very narrow hallway with no room for furniture and no windows. Do you have any wall decoration recommendations to create a cool entrance effect?” Here are some inspirational photos for you Sarah. Now, some are not THAT narrow and have room for a bit of furniture but I found how the spaces were designed very intriguing (ie. the Domino mag photo after the jump).

Marie Claire Italy Target Living
Gaelle Le Boulicaut Elle Decor
Apartment Therapy Adrienne Chinn
Stuart McIntyre Margaret Mulligan
Sköna hem Eric Roth
jj Locations Location Works
Decor Demon Sköna hem

Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy
Callas Architects
Elle Decor
Marie Claire Maison
Living Etc.

Liv says:

Thank you for this! Every apartment I've lived in has had a long narrow hallway and inspiration pics are few and far between!

Kenn says:

Long hallways are always challenging. I say keep it simple and visually clutter-free. The busier it is the more enclosed it will feel. Dark colors are ok, as long as there is a good light source (and the ceiling is kept a light color), otherwise it will feel very low and tight. Large pieces of art work well too. Too many small frames will overpower such a narrow space. Hanging art higher on the wall will also increase the sense of height. Good luck!

Bob says:

Thank you! I’m sure Sarah will find a way to put her own special style on the loooong hallway!

Jennifer says:

The trick with long, narrow hallways is to have something along the way to break up the space and all the beautiful images above demonstrate this. Whether it be a light fitting, artwork, architectural detail, rug, whatever, it just stops the eye from travelling the full length before coming to a stop. And if it’s really long, put a few of the same thing in intermittent spots. Repetition is another great element of design.

Jennifer XX

dan c says:

We are often ask to design long, narrow hallways in many of Londons Edwardian houses. Your gallery of ideas is very inspiring and I will take away some of them to our clients, thanks from new-id interiors in London, UK

Choose a chair that fits in with your space, a giant wing-back might look great, but it could take up too much room. A smaller chair can help to turn your hallway from a passage to an extra room in your home.

Kate McDonnell says:

I absolutely love the blue/ green hallway above by locationwoeks with the gold picture frames and ornate mirror. I's there a way to find out what colour was used here please?

KiM says:

Sorry Kate we don't know any of the details of that home.

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