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Posted on Wed, 11 Aug 2010 by KiM

Back in April I blogged about a magazine from Singapore called Home & Decor that our wee blog was featured in. My list of favourite shelter magazines from around the world is slowly growing, and this one tops the list. Singaporeans are some super stylin’ folks! They seem to love colour, light airy spaces, and modern furnishings. Here are some photos from their website that really caught my eye.

Michelle says:

Not only are these photos breathtakingly beautiful, the interiors themselves made my heart stop. Keep up the great work with these inspirational postings, they are the first thing I log into when I get on the computer and the last things I look at before I shut down for the day!

That purple sofa is incredible!! Amazing interiors.


I really like that site…. :))))

hazlin says:

I am from Singapore and when I was renovating ( we somehow don't use the word remodel) our new home, this decor magazine was one of the few that gave most inspiration. But having said that, most of the featured homes and layout in the magazine aren't representative of how we live in singapore! Most of us here live in high rise flats (apartments) which are rather small.

Anyhow, that was how I found your blog, when I was looking around for more inspiration to doing up my house back then and I must say that its still the number one blog for me!!! 🙂

joyfulstar says:

The picture with the trishaw is actually something that reflect many things you'd see in the Singapore neighbourhoods, be it in the 60s or 70s. it's like retro Singapore! I love it! So proud that this came out of my own country. THUMBS UP!

Lucas says:

Hi… I just received a message from my friend that my vintage looking house is being featured here (the one with the trishaw).

While this humble little 4-room flat is indeed deliberately designed to look like a void deck scene as well, the interior is designed to look like the typical decor of the 1970s Singapore high-rise living (Housing Development Board Flat).

The floor is laid with a layer of 'rubber mat' that was commonly used in the early days.

The sofa set is mid-century modern inspired and was made locally in the 1960s while the cushion covers are taken from my parents' place. Despite loving mid-century Scandi furniture from UK, I stick strictly to local teak furniture pieces to give the Singapore's vintage flavor.

Thank you 'Desire to Inspire' for featuring my home. =)

Lin says:

Thank you RY and Lucas for telling us about one of the ways in which space (particularly communal space) is commonly used, and thus about how people actually live, in Singapore. I've never been to your country but the photo and the description of the "void room" made me nostalgic for other tropical places where I've lived, worked or traveled.

Thanks Lucas for amazing pictures, i just love it and got a idea to reuse my space that i had just left. You have shown the great use of the space really. 🙂

Thecityfarm says:

Wow..Very nice collection and beautiful designs. Thanks

jack says:


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