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Posted on Wed, 11 Aug 2010 by midcenturyjo

Today is another garden day. Unlike yesterday’s post these gardens are more formal. Clipped and manicured, trellised and trained. Elegant and sophisticated and in dreamy far away climes. Olive groves glimpsed over stone walls, terracotta complimenting lush green grass. It’s broad brush strokes and attention to detail. I’m in love with the fantasy of these glorious gardens by Paul Gervais.

Sammy says:

What a beautiful location for a wedding! Swoon.

beautiful gardens. they would amazing for an event – can u imagine a wedding there! gorgeous.

That sundial maze is, well, a-mazing! While I prefer a wilder, English-style garden, this is manicured loveliness!

fabulous gardens!

The sun shading over the patio dining tables are really beautiful. It looks as if there is a design on the fabric that I wish I could get a better look at.

Erica Cottrill says:

Incredibly designed!

Heather says:

Love it!

sinan says:

The shot of the stairs made of rough slabs is great!… but I am not a fan of trimming plants into perfect geometric shapes. It's more interesting/sophisticated/creative when someone can use plants in a way that highlights their unique natural forms. It's also quite a hassle and a waste of resources to maintain plants shaped like this… why bother?

Morella says:

gorgeous!!! 😀

Paul Gervais says:

Thanks so much for visiting my gardens, I'm honored and flattered! Perhaps you'd like to send your followers to my newly created blog,

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