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Posted on Tue, 17 Aug 2010 by KiM

Chris Cushingham is a 24 year old recent design school graduate who emailed us to share his downtown L.A. loft – his recent project. He completed his loft in a hurry and on a really tight budget and I am loving the results. It’s modern, functional and industrial with unique furnishings. I am a huge fan of anything with an industrial vibe so I’m saving this one in my inspiration folder. Great job Chris!!! Might I add that Chris is part of the cast of a new HGTV show called “Design School” airing here in Canada, and is hunting for a job at a creative architecture or design firm so architects/designers – scoop this talented guy up! (Check out his blog here, and photos by Sean Stiegemeier and Dirk Mai).



Stephanie says:

I agree that this doesn't look budget at all. Chris you're a genius and such an inspiration – your attention to detail is impeccable! And I love how you've incorporated so many functional, multi-purpose yet highly stylish pieces into the room. You've clearly put a lot of thought into it all. 🙂

Alexandra says:

I love lofts, but this one is really great, I must say. You definitely can't tell that it's been done on a budget, but that is exactly what a good designer does. Virtual high 5 Chris. Great space!

Tara says:

The projector screen hanging from the pipe/wood shelving is genius. I like that it really blends into the background when not in use. The finishes/colors really go well together. I am very impressed. And done by a 24-year old guy? Awesome. I wish I had some of his talent. So creative.

Caroline says:

I'm….. moving in…. that is SO nice!!

Jenny says:

I love it except for the word "Dream." Words used as decor is one of those design elements I am so tired of. Especially that particular word!

Richard says:

Very nice! Who makes the desk chair?

chris says:

I'm not sure who makes the chair, I found it on craigslist and never looked for a tag.

Daniel says:

WOW the place is awesome and an inspiration, Where did you get the bed?

chris says:

I made the bed from 3 slab doors and some paint and wood.

Daniel says:

Are you serious? Awesome.. I wish I could have those skills

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