Slacking off

Posted on Thu, 19 Aug 2010 by KiM

I am trying to get some posts done to publish at the end of the week while I’m still on holidays, so I thought I’d slack off a bit and just use this post to showcase more photos from one of my favourite websites (particularly for small space solutions) Du côté de chez vous.


WyGal says:

I actually really like those pink walls. Never thought I would like them that dark but it looks great! …jealous of your vacation, my whole family just got back from vacationing in Okanagon area of BC while I had to stay home in WY 🙁

Sparky says:

Oh how fun! I was just stuck in my garage by a gorgeous pouring Summer thunder storm and decided to climb up into the garage loft space. While up there, I was imagining a build-out of the space into a lovely little apartment. There's some good inspirational material in your post—Thanks! ~Sparky

elra says:

How beautiful, although I was not really sure about that rose pink color, but the more I look at it, the prettier its get.

So cute!

Mandy says:

Well I must say your version of "Slacking off" is fine by me …. love these images !!!

I really loved that black mirror on top of the fireplace. It's gorgeous….. I just wanted to set on that chair and spend my weekend reading….

Natasha says:

I'd say photo number 11 is ingenious. Love how they used up the space in the room so perfectly. Just what I would want in my future home. Thanks for sharing!(:

Love, Nat.

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