Oz-glam by Greg Natale the second part

Posted on Tue, 24 Aug 2010 by midcenturyjo



Well readers some of you will have a sneak peek at interior designer Greg Natale’s latest glam Sydney home if you take Desire to Inspire via RSS feed. Some of you will have seen it for an hour or two before I took it down 😉 Most of you will have to wait. Why take it down? Because it made the cover of a prestigious Australian magazine!!! Greg, who generously shared pictures taken by Anson Smart with Desire to Inspire today, has just emailed to ask that we hurriedly put it back under wraps until next week’s big unveil. Congratulations Greg!!! A cover. No wonder you are a super star of Oz design. For those who are wondering what all the fuss is about above is a room from the same house on the cover of (inside). Now we all just have to wait.

julie says:

LOL, I wondered what on earth was going on! I was in the middle of making a comment and it went all weird on me. Anyway I was saying that I love those breeze blocks I have a major thing about them, I even did a post purely on decorative concrete blocks ages ago. Surely they have got to make a comeback, maybe Greg will be the inspiration. You know I was in a newsagent the other day perusing some magazines and I thought I saw this home in one of them already?? Beautiful home.

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