Slice of heaven

Posted on Thu, 26 Aug 2010 by midcenturyjo

Ever imagined what heaven looks like? Maybe just a little bit like New Zealand. And when the scenery is so spectacular then Te Kaitaka, a retreat located on the shores of beautiful Lake Wanaka in the South Island is the perfect design solution. Inspired by folded paper it is by architects Stevens Lawson. Te Kaitaka has just been announced as NZ Home of the Year, the third win by Stevens Lawson. Their’s is a quest in design to respect the site, to explore the genius loci and the cultural values.  “Architecture of humanism and spirit.” So true.

RLG says:

extraordinary. is he married? lol

lance says:

i have to agree the location and exterior design of the house are amazing. however, i was really disappointed in the lack of imagination when it came to the interior. much too cold and spare for my taste and a little to totalitarian in overall feel.

Alexandra says:

This is one of the nicest houses I've seen in a while. From the architecture, to interior design and the details, it's absolutely stunning. I love how the light filters into the space too. Really well done.

Vastu says:

Can't stop looking at these photos… Oh my goodness – amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

Ren says:

Just wow.

and thanks for sharing-

Sammy says:

Glad you guys like it! Isn't the fireplace divine?

topaz says:

The first house is stunning! So serene, and the light and angles would make one smile minute by minute as the shadows changed.

Dear Girl says:

hmmmm..its very romantic , but manly….

am says:

The lawson half of stevens lawason saw your blog and he was truly flattered and chuffed that you all liked it. Cheers

qk says:

Nice Kitchen

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