Stalking on the skinny

Posted on Wed, 1 Sep 2010 by midcenturyjo

When your house is tall and very narrow you need to think a little differently. Skinny has never looked so sexy (and I definitely don’t mean whippet thin super models). I’ve been stalking in probably my favourite street in Australia, Brunswick St, Fitzroy and look what I found! Right in the heart of the action and that view! What would make it more perfect would be setting up a business downstairs and living above the shop. I’ve always had that dream.

oh i love it and perfect timing as I am moving to melbourne in October. If i win lotto before then its so mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is truly the best-house-ever. Skinny never looked so good!

Wow, this is excellent space planning and I really love the decor, too!

lovecasa says:

I love this house, so cool!

Gigi says:

You've done it! You found the only iteration of the white kitchen with the oak trim that is nice!!! Never thought that would happen.

peggy says:

What a beautiful home! I want to move in! I wouldn't change a thing – it's perfect. I love how it's decorated. There is nothing extraneous. And I love the large paintings! Gorgeous. I would adore sleeping in the rooms that opens to the balcony.

Pedro Abeja says:

I think u´r gonna love this:

Anna says:

I would love to see the floorplan of this house! Any chance of getting your hands on it to post or email?

Angela says:


Mike says:

Hi there – is there a way to get this floor plan delivered by mail or over the internet? thanks very much

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