It’s only 110 days till Christmas

Posted on Mon, 6 Sep 2010 by midcenturyjo

Dear Santa,
I know it is a little early for Christmas wish lists but because it is a rather big present I thought I would ask early so you and the elves can get started on hustling up this New York loft for me in time for Christmas morning. Mummy says it is awfully large but I have 3 months to sew a super sized stocking to hang on the mantle. I want to ask for a change here and there in the decor but Daddy says not to be greedy. Please Santa I’ve been a good girl and I’ll even buy my own air ticket to New York if it won’t fit in the sleigh to come all the way here to Australia. If I can’t have this can I have a puppy?
Lots of love,

Carole says:

Soooo decadent!!! How big is that fur rug?!

graes says:

W O W !!!!

It feels like the Prairies – huge space! I've always wondered how one feels, going about the day, living in a place like this?

My kids would love it though – a lot of floor space to build a wooden and lego city!
Great post! Have a good week ahead,

graes says:

oh yes, i forgot, what seems to be missing is a big balcony where you can garden and grow some herbs. 🙂

ivy lane says:


Santa may bring you a roommate too, because I want to move in and never leave. Seriously, with TV, take out and the internet who would ever what to leave that place?!?!?!

AMR says:

This is where Greek Goddesses live…
and, together, they love to build Lego cities that surround the fur rug. : )

Melanie says:

I am speechless. This is fantastic!

Marko says:

Just wondering what the owners bill for heating looks like?

Elizabeth says:

Wow, look how big the rug is!!! (and fluffy too) Ooohhh its so spacious. While passing my partner I can just grab him and tango, rose in my mouth, music playing…. Santaaaa! Vacuuming might be a bit boring though, but think of all the excercise.


This loft is HUGE….i swear its like an entire floor. I had the same idea for my new place…a barcelona daybed and a fur throw….love those. :))))

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