Stalking in Vaucluse

Posted on Wed, 8 Sep 2010 by midcenturyjo

Stalking down by Parsley Bay Reserve… reserve is right… the reserve of the rich. Is the lottery $20 million in Australia this Saturday or next? Only way I could ever afford this place. Beautiful outlook and a stylish masculine feel. Bold and strong just like I like my modern architecture down by Parsley Bay Reserve. Cool cubes harbour side. Link here while it lasts. P.S. If I sound if I’m rambling I am. I came home to find four of the sexiest retro chairs imaginable at me front door. Must take photos to share! Photos on my page.

CATH says:

Really wonderfull! I love the bathroom and the swimming pool! and the view is superb! I'm in love with!

mydesignchic says:

Wow…this house is fabulous and that pool…amazing. But, I must comment on the tanderra chairs. They are STUNNING!! love them.

That is a shame – when I was growing up in Sydney Parsley Bay was just a lovely little tucked-away place to swim … it was a million years ago ~

Liang says:

Sigh, I think I just found my dream home.

Nuit says:

mmm Jo!!! I am loving those gray chairs and the bathroom…. oh and the view from the bedroom!!!! swoon! xo

Alexandra says:

This is totally drool-worthy.

axio99 says:

wow i just love the concrete flooring on the kitchen floor going all the way up to be the island.

oh my … this is amazing! makes me want to move too!

Amazing how a few people in the world have money for somethign like this while the rest of us droole…

American girl says:

Wow, from everything I've seen on this blog, Australia is absolutely beautiful! I love that aerial photo.

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