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Posted on Thu, 9 Sep 2010 by KiM

This request comes from Becky: “I need some help revamping my bathroom. Right now its a soft gray and I’m kind of tired of it, kind of blah. So I’m wondering if you have any inspiration for color in a bathroom? My bathroom is a medium size with a claw foot tub and white subway tile in the shower, dark stained vanity with Carrera Marble top, so a bit old fashioned however I am a lover of vintage modern so if you have any bathrooms that might meld the 2 styles I would be eternally grateful!” Now I have quite a few bathroom photos stashed away but to find some that were colourful, with traditional and vintage modern styles mized together etc etc was not bloody likely. So instead I decided to select some photos of colourful bathrooms that I think could work with Becky’s existing features (well, I think any colours would work) and I included a few with wallpaper because that could be really fun (not to install but to enjoy afterwards – LOL).

Ngoc Minh Ngo Country Living
Lonny Lonny
Elle Decor Canadian House & Home
Sunset Sunset
Sunset oitoemponto
design*sponge Decor Demon
design*sponge 3rd UNCLE design inc

Todd Alexander Romano
Elle Decor
Lucy Berridge
Living Etc.
Living Etc.

beautiful inspiration for bathrooms! i especially admire the periwinkle room, as well as the two turquoise spaces.

Amanda says:

This is another amazing post as always!

My question is (if you haven't already answered it elsewhere), how do you keep track of all your amazing finds and what website they are from?

oregonbird says:

The Alexander Toile is too much fun, although that could be entirely because of the paint-by-numbers pic, which is a genre I adore. Is it just me, though, or does any color of orange — even a soft melon look really dated in bathrooms right now? It's only the acid green that perks even that lively orange print up. The grey-blue, on the other hand, gives a much more forward-looking appeal.

KiM says:

Becky, please do send a photo as I'd love to see what you come up with! (The Todd Romano was my fav too!)

Amanda, I have thousands and thousands of photos uploaded on Flickr that I've organized according to rooms, and I've found them all over the internet after probably thousands of hours of scouring the web looking for blog post ideas.

loolah says:

I love the two Living Etc rooms. Totally baffled by the oitoemponto bathroom – what IS that sticking out of the mirror? It looks like a square of recycled aluminium foil with a light bulb protruding from it. Surely my eyes are playing tricks on me?

Kathryne says:

I'm not usually a fan of orange, but those shades of tangerine are positively delicious! And the peacock blue? This is too much.

Loving the choice of colours and wallpapers for the bathroom! Think a post about bathroom wallpaper is needed on my blog – let me know if you fancy doing a guest post for me!

Christine says:

I love the last photo with the yellow sink and the wood countertop. This one is so rustic and awesome!

You used a professional photographer right? I love the Lonny black and white vertical stripes.

Dave says:

I like Sunset the best, maybe because I like simplicity. Other projects are good, too but I will stick with my favourite.

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