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Posted on Sun, 12 Sep 2010 by KiM

ginger says:

Oh! I love it – I was actually going to send you a related request. Have you ever done a post on organized open entry-way closets? My entry way closet needs a serious overhaul and I can't find any photo inspiration (blah).

laura says:

thanks for including mine in this wonderful array!
love the blog…


vanou says:

Clearly these people don't live in a snowy country where everything gets wet, dirty and slushy.
I'm still hoping to find "the" perfect way to store dirty shoes and still make it look good.

If you guys have any ideas, please send them my way!


Displaying shoes in a clever way —-> GOTTA love that. :)))))))))))))

Clothes Horse says:

Does anyone know where to find the perspex shoe rack (image 10) or something very similar? Its exactly what I've been looking for but can't seem to find anything close.

Candi says:

Love it! I should have thought of some of these before my ever-so-wonderful bratty puppy chewed up half of my shoes!

David Anderson says:

Oooh! The magazine rack is a great storage idea! It works for your heels and flats. . ……………………………………………..

Theresa says:

I like this idea but, How do you secure the PVC pipe model? Is it glued?..

Rachel says:

A great idea was one I saw on a different site. Take a bookcase and turn it on it's side and lay it down. use the spaces to place shoes. If you desire you can build a divider to be able to separate more shoes. You can take it 1 step further and create a bench seat pad and use it as a seat for putting on your shoes as well.

Kelsie Mallen says:

How can you reach the shoes on the picture from ko.ttur? I like the other ideas! I can use some of them in my home! Thank you for sharing!

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