Michael Robinson

Posted on Tue, 14 Sep 2010 by KiM

Since starting this blog with Jo almost 4 years ago and browsing through hundreds of portfolios (no, make that thousands) of interior designers, I continue to be baffled by the amount of designers who do not utilize the expertise of a professional photographer. Because someone like photographer Michael Robinson could make the ugliest of rooms absolutely beautiful, and appear as art. Now, none of the spaces I found in Michael’s portfolio are by any means ugly, but he is so talented I had to devour each and every photo included in this post – particularly the kitchens. Gorg!!!

Annady says:

Simply lovely.

hugo says:

(I`m sorry about my english, it`s so bad) I am from Argentina, and I want to know how`s the name of the tree in picture 6.
I couldn`t find it

I love desiretoinspire, it`s GREAT!

RLG says:

Spectacular pictures. I love the second kitchen. Maple cabinets with no detail, and white counters (presumably Caesarstone). Function and spare, but gorgeous. You have the best eye candy in the blog-o-sphere! xoxo

Taunnie says:

The rooms are all so brilliantly designed. I especially love the second kitchen and the stairway with the oversized wallpaper. It is hard to get good pictures. When I do start my portfolio, I will have to remember to hire a professional. Thanks.

Courtney says:

Who would have thought orange and green could look so fabulous!! YUM!!

sammy says:

Hugo, I think you'll find it's witch hazel. Beautiful luminous yellow blossoms on bare branches. Gorgeous scent but cold climates only.


Wonderful pix….such an inspiring blog you have!!!! I am thrilled I found your blog!!!

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