The colour purple

Posted on Fri, 17 Sep 2010 by KiM

There is a problem with this blog. All of this eye candy we feature has the effect of making people change their minds over and over again about what sort things they like in a space. I for one am not a big fan of pastels, particularly purple/lavendar. Then I go and find this gem of a home on Micasa and I now think purple is not that bad. I kind of like it (although the living room rug could be a bit more interesting) – especially with all the grey walls, which has been my favourite wall colour for ages. Maybe you’ll change your mind about using pastels when you see the wonderful photos below. (Happy Friday!!)

nic says:

awesome taste, proportions (in furniture and everything), artwork … I also like, that they aren't sticking to the pastels in the living room, but have the warm leather and wood comined with it – that;s more rare and pretty unique.. the kitchen is unbelievable.. I like the playfulness of it, and find it a very sophisticated color palette.. sure, maybe not for everyone, but very well done and definitely pleasing to the eye (and mind.. :).. my mind.. that's something, i love about pastels.. )..

daul says:

i like pretty much every room except for the living room. something is off there, in addition to the color… but that is one super cute dog!!

denise says:

liked the dog. nothing else. too pastelly and icky.

Priscilla says:

Pretty! Soft and nice. I bet it's very comfortable to be in these rooms. Thanks for the eye opener.

Gypsymade says:

I think this is fabulous. I love the lavender and how all the tones melt into each other.

oregonbird says:

And here I am, disagreeing with almost everyone. The living room, for instance — the purple seems to gather the space together as if it were a darker color — gives the larger space a light-hearted cottage feel, which the inclusion of oranges helps. And I find it entirely too cold in the kitchen & bath

Georgia says:

Funny, when people ask me what my favourite colour is I always say purple, yet I really don't think I could live with that purple kitchen. But those grey walls -sigh! I actually think the colour grey is so underrated. It has so many subtleties and can really work with so many different colours. The grey in the living room makes the purple work. And the grey in the bathroom is GORGEOUS.

topaz says:

I would never have imagined it of myself, but I quite like the living room in this post. I find that the mix of warm leather and wood, along with the painting and dark pillows, make the pastels richer. It has a very elegant feel…and I would love to have a chair like that wonderful leather one to curl up in.

Tanya says:

I love the grey and purple combination

rikk says:

Oh that is sooo lovely:)

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