Flickr finds – pantries

Posted on Sun, 19 Sep 2010 by KiM

Helen says:

I was scrolling down the list and all of a sudden went hang on, I know one of those pantries! great to see the jrcraft pantry cupboard in this post – I love it.

escalante says:

That's a great kitchen, full of food to eat.

Wow, lovely and practical. A great combination. Now I need to find some glass jars!

In England I had a sophisticated friend with a refrigerated pantry – you would not believe how useful that room was!
Seeks2dream has me dreaming~

Sparky says:

I don't know how you come up with the ideas for what to post for flickr finds, but I'm glad you do it! I really miss having a pantry in my current house, but these photos of pantries are stimulating ideas of how to better organize my closets, cabinets and cupboards and even my garage! They are great—thank you! ~Sparky-Jean

Organization is the key! Love it.

Hazel says:

My friend sent me an email when she recognised my little pantry on this post!
Lovely blog, now I can follow too 🙂

Jesse Lu says:

Love the 'Some THings I Know' pantry!

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