A first house

Posted on Tue, 21 Sep 2010 by midcenturyjo

Lucia Korcarz is a young architect in Argentina. She has just finished her first house associated with Anthony Sibbald. Located on a farm 100km from Buenos Aires it is so stylish, casually elegant and practical. It’s simplicity is its beauty. A wonderful career ahead I think.

Kate says:

So simple so lovely. The bathroom is great.

Charles Papis says:

Where is this amazing house placed !!…please show more phot … this reminds us the beauty of simplicity and elegance.

Gonzalo says:

It's just a common upper-middle class Argentine country house. Just the usual twist on traditional country style, nothing peculiar about it. I've seen them worse, I've seen them better.

Jazmin says:

What´s simple is true

Arthur68 says:

If this is common in argentina, keep it coming!!! I LOVED IT!!

Joe Parsons,Sausalito, CA says:

Really relaxing sights and inspiring farm home designed by the architects is a great example of how minimalist southamerican architecture can make a maximum impact. The architect describes design as consisting of just two elements: tradintion of forms , materials and colour on one hand and integration to the Pampas topography The details of roof of this old fashion house is like a reverse time tunnel into the interior courtyard. The exterior walls are creating a contemporary skin for the house. Inside, living room beds and bath offering a natural flow from one living area to the next. Surrounded by oaks eucalitus adn natural forest with views of majestic famr and a vast sky. The breathtaking natural vistas have inspired much of this down-to-earth design. Aawesome outdoor views into a beautifully framed and showcased interior feature. As described by the architect, “[Residents] are surrounded by the scenery. Moreover, to see more to more come this lines predict harmony between the man and the land … This architecture has the movement of the sky and the cloud,the trees and the wind. Congratulations..if this is ur first house cant`t believe the beauty of those to come…

Joe Parsons,Sausalito, CA says:

Great pictures…a litlle bit confusing the dinning and the living rooms.. strange eclectic style but observing the facade invites to take a seat and relax during the sunset in a farm… Congrts…

Lia Arch Studio says:

Genial…!!!! felicitaciones… que sigan los sucesos…

Nuria says:

So simple and so beautiful!

Claudia K. Russell says:

I was born and used to live in argentina till my mid twenties. I wonder if some day I will go back to visit my country and rediscover so charmy and on the same time so beautifull places like this farm house. PD : free invitation always welcome.

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