The artist’s house

Posted on Thu, 23 Sep 2010 by midcenturyjo

The artist is famous… and successful. The artist has an enviable home. Historical yet quirky, stylish and lived in like a pair of expensive handmade Italian moccasins too well worn to wear out and about but you can’t help yourself. When the walls aren’t adorned with wonderful paintings they are tattooed with whimsical murals. I want to grow up to be just like the famous artist then I could afford to buy his quirky home. Maybe he’ll just let me live in the converted stables until then. Link here while it lasts.

Brooke says:

I would be happy with one of his pieces! love love love. one day.

denise says:

looks like bromley to me! a great house, feels real – doesn't appear to have had a stylist's touch – thank God! more like this please.

amazing bathroom!

This home oozes style. and warmth. So many creative ideas..

Wow! The house feels to layered and warm! I would love to live there! They have the best stuff!

I am having a little giveaway today (my first) from CSN stores! Stop by if you have the time!!!

topaz says:

So exciting to see artist's homes; color and comfort. Hope you show us more of these!

bianca says:

i am freaking out right now. that house is my dream fantasy. it is filled with so many great treasures from all different cultures and styles and they all live happily together. this is seriously delicious. my heart is beating so fast with love!!!

Sammy says:

Mr Bromley it is – divine

bbt09 says:

when i saw the photos i thought bromley as well. would love to have one of his sculpture

Superb looking homes. Just enough texture without all the clutter.

Dustin John

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