Sara Sjögren

Posted on Tue, 28 Sep 2010 by midcenturyjo

Time for more Swedish fabulosity (is that a word?). Interior stylist Sara Sjögren takes the all white Scandi vibe and injects it with a colour shot. Like vitamins for a wane and washed out look. Or putting the pep in a colour pop. love the white living room with touches of blue anchored by a neutral patchwork oriental rug. Dark storm clouds are rolling through here so bright and white is just what I need right now. Must go before the thunder and lightning gets too bad. Enjoy!







Yes apart from the Meile showroom style kitchen these are lovely spaces. You know what I really notice in these Swedish interiors? The light, it is so clear and true.

joy says:

i can't help but notice the cute round clock! the one next to the bed. mind to share where can we get one? cheers! 🙂

Inspired – I think I found our new coffee table!
I'm sure my Beloved One (a doctor) will say YES to the black coffee table with red cross.
Great idea: interior-design-sense-of-humour
Where is the table from? Does anyone know?

I love the blue on the ceiling! Wish I could do that in my bedroom but the previous owners thought that popcorn ceiling would be a nice touch and I'm not about to draw attention to it! 😉

I can't believe they are so beautiful, calm and neat!!


Vivian says:

What lovely pictures to admire during a rainy morning.

I'm drawn to the all-white living room with the huge window and pendant light fixture which reminds me of a dandelion (white and fluffy), the window shelf with the blooms in their humble jars and the beaten-up old cupboard (I can picture it in my imaginary unfitted kitchen).

Thank you for the inspiration.

Adam says:

The clock is from Design House Stockholm. Here's a link

jessnada says:

Wow. LOVE it.

KaraPDX says:

Absolutely gorgeous. But I couldn't help my bemusement at the spotless white couch and the evidence of children. How does THAT work?

Homes and Interiors says:

Very interesting.

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