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Posted on Sun, 3 Oct 2010 by KiM

Over the last couple days I was agonizing once again over what the heck I was going to do for today’s Flickr Finds post. I was SO running out of ideas for those posts and these days I am finding that alot of photos on FLickr that I’d LOVE to use are download-disabled. I thought about instead doing a “weekly recap” – showcasing all of my favourite photos from the posts we had done the week prior. I’ll give it a try this week and see how it goes (click on the photo to go to the post it was featured in).

Kim in Jersey says:

By the way, this is the first time I think I've ever posted, though I've been reading you since you were at the old site. Desire to Inspire is my favorite.

kbd says:

Kim, I have a solution! Because you're working on the web, you can simply do a screenshot of the image you like on flickr. Those non-downloadables are to prevent hi-resolution versions (300 dpi, etc) from being used in print. However, a screenshot will give you the 75 dpi you need.

Please, please don't change pets on furniture. I do enjoy the rest of the week's posts, but Mondays are a special treat and a great change in pace.

Thanks for a great blog!

Kim in Jersey says:

I was thinking the same thing, kbd, but I figured that if a user disabled downloading, they want their ownership of the image protected, period. It seems disrespectful to "get around it" for public use, although I've done that for personal use on many websites that disable right-clicking.

On the other hand, Kim, I know you probably don't want to ruin the format of the blog since it has a nice look, but I wouldn't be averse to simply clicking through links to any Flickr image you fancy.

kbd says:

Kim In Jersey, you're right! I had not thought of that… but does Kim have links to their images on flickr? Does that not just count as free publicity? Because if someone sees the image on this blog, or on flickr, but can't download it on either, isn't that the same thing? (because if they copy from this blog, it will also be low resolution)…

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Hey Kim and fellow bloggers!
It's funny that we are having a Pets on Furniture debate because I was just thinking the other day that one of the things I like the most about this blog is PoF. PoF is a little like walking down the streets of your city in the evening when people haven't drawn the curtains – it's a chance to check out the decor of other 'regular' people (not just the designers who are usually featured in design magazines). I am constantly delighted with what D2I posters are able to pull off in their homes – there are some pretty stylin' people who post on this blog! I confess that when it comes to fashion I tend to be more influenced by the fab people around me than what I see in Vogue, and I feel the same way about design. So, KIm, as far as I am concerned, keep bringing the pets on!

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Oh yes – and as to the weekly round up , I liked it a lot. I try to visit everyday, but I have the usual job/family mania and I don't get to check it out as often as I would like. So, it totally works for me. I too do try to catch up on what I missed, but….Anway I would go along with the majority. PS – love that green /yellow room, I have used that colour paint in my house and I LOVE it! I would have missed that in the original posting too…..

KiM says:

Not sure how this got into a conversation about my pets on furniture posts but as I've said before, those posts will disappear the day I stop getting submissions. I never said I was getting rid of those so chill PoF lovers!
I appreciate everyone's thoughts about Sunday's posts. I will not be posting photos from Flickr if the save functionality is not there. I consider that stealing. Even if I do link back to the photo. Since I'm getting mixed reviews about the "sunday summary" post I am really at a loss as to what to do. I guess this coming Sunday will be a mystery. 🙂

Mike says:

Great photos! I love the eames spoke chairs. The dog is awesome too!

Tony in Aus says:

I enjoy your blog, and look forward to saturday morning going through the weeks postings 🙂

I too have been amazed at the amount of time you both spend posting and am appreciative of the effort involved. Might I suggest that you open up the flicker finds to allow readers to send photos of their own design triumphs, faux pas, or items of interest. Fans Fotos?

Cheers girls, love your work

I love these shots, keep searching Flickr and dishing them out to us so beautifully.

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