David Hicks and a big juicy website

Posted on Tue, 5 Oct 2010 by midcenturyjo

The one thing better than an amazing portfolio from one of Australia’s top interior designers? A website that is so luscious and large format that the it does justice to the designs! It is a couple of years now since I first featured David Hicks‘ work on Desire to Inspire (young über talented Aussie not to be confused by the iconic and long passed British designer of the same name). A recent revisit and I was rewarded with such a feast for the eyes. The website is exquisite. Designers out there take note. Big and bold is best when it comes to showcasing your wares. I’ve included some shots I have used in the previous post because I just had to. I love them so much. Don’t just stay here though. Click on over to David’s website for an even better experience.

I just stumbled onto your blog from Village and couldn't be happier that I did! All of the images you feature are absolutely breathtaknig and I wouldn't mind staying a while in each and every one! I'd love it if you stopped by my (mainly) fashion illustration site 🙂

Bette says:

LOVE the clean design….but SO much gray….this girl needs MORE color.

Love, love, love his work! So glamorous and sophisticated. He is so good at playing with neutral palettes and textures.


Love David Hicks,

Thank you for reminding me of him, I once met him in London in 1967, I always was in awe of him. Great post, I also like his daughter India Hicks.

Sorry my mistake, did not know there was another David Hicks and Aussie on top of it, my apologies to the Australian David Hicks, he is extremely talented, I tought, there was a House of David Hicks which I knew nothing about, but I am delighted to discover this modern David Hicks.


Sammy says:

Just beautiful Jo – you Aussies got talent!

denise says:

love the more 'masculine' rooms – really anything using white, black and brown. very nice.

He is definitely the best we have!

Chloe says:

I love David Hick's website! So much to covet.. There's a dining room table in the 'Prahran Apartment' that I'd love for my place.. Any ideas where I could pick one up in Melbourne?

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