Twig Hutchinson update

Posted on Tue, 5 Oct 2010 by KiM

London-based interior stylist Twig Hutchinson has created some of the most memorable spaces that I’ve come across since Jo and I started this blog. The last photo (after the jump) has been a favourite of mine for ages and I thought it deserved a second posting. Twig emailed us to let us know she has updated her website so go have a peek. In the meantime, below are some magical and beautifully styled spaces that we haven’t blogged before. So lovely!!! (Oh – I HAD to add the last photo. Guess why. 🙂 )

If someone would pay me to crumple paper and shove it under a glass cloche, I would be the happiest person the planet.

Also, I am an excellent cat herder.

KiM says:

Yes but Raina, could you crumple the paper JUST SO? 😉

Sammy says:

Some of the shots are like walking through a dreamscape…beautiful

polish chick says:

oh, how utterly lovely!

Jan says:

Thanks for this update !
Brilliant stylist.

Erin says:

Oooooooo. Gorge! The desk in the 5th photo looks just like mine!

denise says:

i'm with raina!

oregonbird says:

I'm on Team Raina too! Also — what a wonderful idea on wallcovering. And as it slowly yellows, then browns — yes. Even patching it up would only improve the desired ambiance. The right accessories, and it would be so very, very eastern european. Lace would figure heavily. Worn velvet upholstery. This is attempting modernized poverty — very now, ain't it? — but doesn't quite make it. Maybe if they'd gone with charred early-20th factory? It really doesn't matter, it's a great jumping off spot for someone looking for a post-apocalyptic feel… which would be me! Goes in my scrapbook, for sure.

bbt09 says:

nice! 🙂 reminds me of anthropologie catalogue.. 🙂

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