Girly HQ

Posted on Wed, 6 Oct 2010 by midcenturyjo

I couldn’t get enough of David Hicks’ portfolio. Did you see yesterday’s post? Elegant, luxurious and masculine. And these fabulous girly girly designs? Why it is the headquarters of Australia’s ultra feminine fashion designer Alannah Hill…  by David. Feminine to the max but just as luxurious. If you think the head office is fab click over to Ms Hill’s garden of delights website for so much more.

oregonbird says:

Now THAT is an office. You'd have to dress well!

Wow! Magnificent works! so is the Designs as well!everything Looks Gorgeous and fabulous!The Photographs are Stunning!Outstanding pieces indeed!inspirational Blog. thanks For sharing.

Sara says:

LOVEEEE sometimes girly is just necessary and right – keep up the good work

ania says:

Very thoughtful composition. I appreciate the contrast of building materials and decoration choice. As though to say, "Don't let your space dictate your style".

However, I think one of those circle rugs says, "Spank Me. Kiss Me."

For my tastes, no matter the context (little girl, grown up, or some supposedly controversial and/or intriguing mix) that text is tacky and has no place in any room's design.

Other than that, very skillfully done.

Bette says:

So much more to my liking than yesterday's post. Clean AND COLORFUL!

this is such a dreamy location. i'm so inspired!

Ob. Sessed.

Yes, girly!! Gorgeous….

I love the curtained little space to make an intimate room inside the larger one.

Ashley says:

WOW this is absolutely amazing. perfect. cozy, crisp, spacey, clean. wow. wow. wow. awesome. thanks for posting this 😀 Peace, Love, and God Bless!

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