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Posted on Wed, 13 Oct 2010 by KiM

Kevin O’Shea emailed yesterday with a submission to the next Monday’s Pets on Furniture post, and I noticed his signature included a link to Kevin O’Shea Designs. Turns out Kevin is an interior designer based in New York City and Provincetown, Massachusetts. His firm is brand spanking new, having only been launched in the summer of 2009. He’s got a great eye and believes in creating comfortable and timeless spaces. Below are photos from his portfolio including info on a HUGE project he’s currently working on (and a few “before” photos). I cannot wait to see how it turns out!!!


Curious about Kevin’s HUGE project I mentionned? Here is some info in his own words:

As you probably saw on the website I am currently in the throws of renovating an 18th century house (The Martin House) on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The property was a restaurant for the past 30 years and then sat vacant and rotting for the past 4 years. My partner and I found it in the spring and I have spent the past few months transforming it back to a single family home. Incredibly a lot of the architectural details in the house are original to 1750 including gorgeous wide pine floors and UNPAINTED mantels and wainscoting! We are about 5 weeks from the completion of construction and then the fun part begins! I will be continually updating the progress of the house on my company blog and hope to have it completely finished by the Spring.

I am so jealous. To have a house with architectural details maintained from the era it was built is amazing. (My 100 year old home completely lacks any architectural detail whatsoever). I am definitively going to be keeping an eye on Kevin’s blog to check out the progress. Wishing you lots of luck with it Kevin!!!

Oh so exciting to have this treasure to restore! I'll be following along for sure!

mydesignchic says:

I adore his work and the house on Cape Cod…soooo charming!! Can't wait to follow his progress. Thanks for sharing –

I love the little cluster of end tables instead of a coffee table, what a fun idea!!

Mandy says:

I really like the outdoor area, so great !!!

Nadia says:

Love the plants indoors…. i would love to see a poat about indoor plants or sunrooms!!

Kim says:

The Hudson Rooftop Patio – love it! Amazing spot!

Black framed photographs often work very well (pic #5). Love the graphic cushions, of course 🙂 – and the mesh chairs (pic #6 & #7) which are true classics. Great atmosphere!

Cindy says:

Amazing spaces, really unbelievable! Currently my husband and I are getting into the final stages of sealing the deal for our new house in San Antonio, Texas, and are desperately in need of an interior designer. I think we've found 'The One' now. Good luck on your renovation project, and hopefully we'll have a chance to witness your talent. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

oregonbird says:

Possibly the most uncomfortable seating arrangements ever! I truly question the wisdom, with a vista of tall buildings in the distance, of chosing to line up the louges so that a brick wall was the view. I don't believe I've *ever* seen a more awkward handling of a fireplace. Styling… piecemeal and heavy-handed. The combination of the silver & aqua floor lamp by the 3-cornered shelf PLUS the call-back to the 70's with the plantlife? oh dear lord. No.

WOW! I love these spaces! he is really talented. He somehow manages to make the space look elegant but livable, and include so many gorgeous details!!

I think I'll pop by his blog – I'm really curious to see the progress on the house renovations!

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